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Welcome to Spade Revolutions

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With years of experience, Spade Revolutions is one of the Best and leading Audio and Film Production Companies in Africa, specializing in Video production, TV Commericial (TVC) production, Music production and Talent Management boasting both local and international experience for any production needs.

Our Services

Audio, Video and Film production Company in Kampala Uganda East Africa

Film Production

We are the leading film production company in Kampala, Uganda and Africa, specializing in international film, series, Documentaries and TV commercial projects.

Audio Video and Film production Company in Kampala Uganda East Africa, production company

Audio Production

Our studio JO Art provides top-notch audio production in Kampala, Uganda & Africa, offering sound design and studio direction for TV & radio advertising.

film production in kampala uganda

Techinical support 

We provide comprehensive Radio and TV technical support as a company with extensive experience in various FIELDS.

film production in kampala uganda

Label & Publishing

We are renowned for our record label and artist management services as a company located in the heart of Kampala, Uganda.

We take pride in our Clients